Stephen Foster State Park Craft Rendezvous

sfsp-jamming2_wI was delighted to share my flutes, kanteles and other wood-crafted items at the Stephen Foster State Park Craft Rendezvous and appreciated the invitation to share my musical instruments.

flute choices
The key of the flute, the size of the flute, and the kind of wood are all part of the choices to be made in selecting a flute.

As always, I enjoy sharing the flute journey with those who are discovering the Native American-style flute for the first time.

An important part of the process is helping them decide which flute – trying out different flutes and listening to the key and tone.

We work together on flute playing strategies – from breath control to fingering – and they are delighted to hear themselves improve in playing in just a few minutes.

Many who purchase my flutes tell me they are hesitant to try playing because they aren’t musical or have never had formal music lessons. So they are delighted that they are playing the flute and hearing their improvement.

One flute was purchased by a woman who planned to add flute playing to her yoga and meditation.

Looking through wooden
Mike looking through a wood item he turned.

Another special purchase was one of my fairy doors — purchased by a Certified Fairyologist. That was a first for me.

I also enjoyed cool jamming with Jesse, his son Scott, and Mike.  With guitar, gourd ukulele and a two-string strummer, I added my flute playing to a range of country and folk songs.

I hadn’t visited this state park for more than 10 years and was interested in the addition of a Craft Village with craft cabins with craftspeople demonstrating skills — from blacksmithing to woodturning.

craftsman making leather belt
A leather craftsman made a custom-designed belt for me as I watched.

I enjoyed catching up with the woodturner, Mike, who I knew from my woodturning club.

I purchased a belt from the leather crafter. The first decision was the imprint I wanted on my leather belt. I selected the basket-weave style. He then completed the belt to my specifications, with the kind of buckle and belt tongue I selected.

Stephen Foster Memorial Carillon Tower
The Stephen Foster Memorial Carillon Tower plays a Stephen Foster song on the hour.

The two most dominant visual elements of the park are the Suwannee River (which was very low) and the Stephen Foster Memorial Carillon Tower. Throughout the day, we were serenaded by the carillon on the hour with a collection of Stephen Foster songs. “Way Down Upon the Suwannee River” (“Old Folks at Home” is the actual title) was the selection at noon.