A Soothing Spoon

Carved Horse Chestnut Spoon

Carved Horse Chestnut Spoon with bark on handle

A Soothing Spoon.

That’s what she was looking for, she told me, as she examined a basket of my hand-carved wood spoons.

She was in a meditation class where she was learning to focus. To focus so that all the day’s tasks and concerns could be released – if just for a few minutes.

Those in her meditation class used an object to help their focus in the mind-clearing activity.

Mulberry carved spoon

Hand carved plum spoon

One of my spoons could be just that object, she said, because she could hold the spoon and rub her thumb against the bowl of the spoon, focusing on the tactile texture of the spoon.

She selected a spoon and examined the size and the color and grain of the wood.

She rubbed the bowl of the spoon.

She then tried another spoon.

After several spoons, she had made her selection. A cherry spoon that, when not being used for focusing, could be used for stirring her tea.

I’m always interested in how people use my hand-crafted wood items. I hope she is finding more focus and calmness in her life – even beyond the meditation class.




  1. I was thinking the other day how it used to be called “spooning” when a young lady entered the age when she could be courted. That being said, I think your spoons would make an ideal wedding gift, wishing all the best on the newly committed couple. I can see a set hanging from a branch like holder on my kitchen wall, even though “spooning” was fifty years ago for me. Keep the spoons coming, Judy, I love them!


    1. Thanks for the update on my terminology, AB. Guess we need to keep our eyes open for an interesting branch holder for your kitchen wall! 🙂


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