Harp Gathering 2016

Harp Gathering 2016

The Harp Gathering, in Archbold, Ohio, is providing me with the opportunity to share my musical instruments and have the joy of hearing how well my WrenSong Native American-style flutes sound when played with the harp.

The first night I improvised with two harp players, Suzie and Cathy. We played “Amazing Grace” and “Greensleeves.”

This morning, I attended Lynda Kuckenbrod‘s Beginner’s Jam and Harp Circle. I played the harp I made and also played my Am flute that plays well with harps tuned in C.

I’ve really enjoyed hearing the different styles of playing the harp.

  • In a harp circle sharing session, a duo played an adaption of “King and Lionheart” that they’ll be playing as the processional for a wedding this summer.
  • Diana Rowan, who earned her doctorate in harp composition in Bulgaria, performed in last night’s concert, playing her compositions that combine techniques and songs from harp playing around the world.
  • Denise Grupp-Verbon, on harp, and Michael Grupp-Verbon, on acoustic guitar, surprised the audience at the concert by starting out with a Celtic song and then transitioning into Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.”

My kanteles have attracted quite a bit of interest. For harp players, whose harps often need to be transported on carts and have from 22 to more than 40 strings, my 5-string kanteles offer string music playing with simplicity and portability.


  1. Love the sound of your flute with the harp! How lovely. Your little F# chestnut is having a grand time playing for Smith Village Assisted Living in Chicago!!! 😉 mary ellen


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