Join me for Gainesville Arts Market Earth Day Celebration, April 16


I carve each Fanbird from one block of wood.

Join me in celebrating the beauty of nature by attending the Gainesville Arts Market Earth Day Celebration, Saturday, April 16, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

My handcrafted work showcases the many ways natural wood can be transformed into musical instruments and other items to help you enjoy a little touch of nature in your home or office.

I’ll be selling my latest carved art — Fan Birds.

Each Fan Bird is carved from a single block of wood. What fun it is to see each bird emerge and to spread the wings so the Fan Bird can take flight. What a perfect graduation or wedding gift.

I’ll also be selling my carved wooden spoons and my handcrafted musical instruments — Native American-style flutes.

I’ll be selling the Fan Birds soon on my Etsy store.

The Gainesville Arts Market is located at 601 S. Main, adjacent to the SoMa Art Media Hub. The admission is free.

The Fan Bird in the video below has just been freshly carved from one piece of wood. That piece of wood was very wet — having been boiled in water — in order to make the wood compliant for creating the wings. It will take at least 2 days to dry.

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