Kantele, Flute, Hymn

As a member of the online group FOTMD (Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer) I find such interesting conversations going on.  Recently a group of people in FOTMD started playing the Native American style flute and have been sharing their experiences.  Such positive and energizing experiences are fun to read.

One of the members suggested I post photos of my flutes with corresponding sound.  I was at first overwhelmed. With new versions of GarageBand (my audio recording software) and iMovie (my video editing software) and a new video camera, I imagined hours of relearning the software in order to produce a song.

But I was pleasantly surprised.

With my Zoom H2 plugged into GarageBand, I played the kantele and strummed the  chords for my chosen song.  With an earbud in one ear to hear the kantele track, I then recorded the flute playing the melody line in a second track.  I exported this audio to iMovie. I imported the video of  the flute and kantele that I used and put the music audio track with that video. Then I exported to YouTube.

All in all, it took less time than I imagined to learn the newer software and produce this video. And the rain held off while I took a few seconds of video of the freshly blossomed honeysuckle.

I had seen that the song of the month on FOTMD was “What a Friend we have in Jesus” hence my choice of song.

These Bm cedar flutes were specifically designed to produce the mellow tone.  And there are still a few of these flutes and this kantele available in my store as of today.

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