Earthskills 2016: Carving with Barron

018-bowl A few weeks ago, I enjoyed attending a day of Florida Earthskills, 2016.  The first time I went, I learned to make a bamboo didgeridoo with Fuz Sanderson.  This time, I learned a lot about carving bowls and spoons from Barron Brown.

I would have loved to sign up for Barron’s classes, but both were filled.  So I took photos and picked up tips while shooting.

In the morning, Barron taught bowl carving.  Rigorous carving with an adze made me glad I wouldn’t have to start and finish my bowl hewn from a half log in 2-3 hours.  I will choose a smaller log, in the quiet of my backyard, where I can stop and drink a cold  iced-tea every 15 minutes.  With my new adze.  Enjoy the photos of the bowl carving.

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In the afternoon, Barron taught spoon carving.  Again, I completed my own class then came to hang around and learn.

Barron has carved a wealth of spoons. While he talked with me, he took a carved spoon out of his pocket and began to eat his lunch. He has white pine growing on his land. He loves carving white pine spoons.   Barron has been carving spoons for a while.  It’s not new to him.  And he was good with instruction. Patient. Knew when to offer advice.  Knew when to wait for the question.

He gave me a billet of pine and I set to work carving a pine spoon.  I had carved several previously.  This time was different.  I received some great pointers from Barron.

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