Making Music at Leesburg Art Festival

The Leesburg Art Festival was an enjoyable event and an opportunity for me to share my flutes and kanteles.

A great part of the two-day festival was the full-day live music on the stage near my display tent. I could hear flute and drum music all day.

I enjoyed meeting members of the Riverwind Flute Circle and performing on stage with Deb and Pam. I played a range of my flutes, a few special chestnut branch flutes and my kanteles.

Always fun when, as happened at the festival, someone heard one of my flutes being played on stage and then purchased it.

My tent was next to another flute maker, Hawk Henries, and I enjoyed talking with him and his wife, Lisa, and hearing him perform on stage.

Thanks to Deb for inviting me to the festival.

I’m definitely planning a trip back to Leesburg to play with the Riverwind Flute Circle during one of their monthly meetings. They were a welcoming and enjoyable group of people — and I’ll be interested in hearing music from my flutes and kanteles that were purchased.

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  1. Indeed it was fun. It’s the kind of festival I would have thought you and Mrs. Tootlepedal might have sauntered through. If, of course, you were in this country! 🙂

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