WrenSong Woods at Leesburg Art Festival 2016

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Leesburg Art Festival
WrenSong Woods will be one of the tents in the literary arts section of the Leesburg Art Festival.

The Leesburg Art Festival is this weekend, March 12 and 13, and I’ll be there selling my WrenSong Woods musical instruments.

In addition to selling my instruments, I’ve been invited to go on stage and perform with members of the Riverwind Flute Circle. Thanks to Deb Almy, who I met at Flute Haven, for the invitation to be part of the event and the musical entertainment.

My tent will be filled with Native American-style flutes and kanteles and also with other handcrafted items, including cutting boards and my carved wood spoons.

I’m doing the final polishing of several soothing Bm cedar flutes that are tuned to play with dulcimers and my kanteles in addition to other flutes tuned in the key of Bm.

In addition, I have a selection of unique branch flutes — each created following Nature’s design of the branch. Two of the chestnut branch flutes — from the same branch — play in perfect pitch together and it’s been fun to play a few duets with a friend.

The festival will be in historic downtown Leesburg and is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday. Admission is free.

If you attend the festival, please come by my tent to try my flutes and kanteles. I can have you playing with me in just a few minutes, and my music books can enable you to continue learning and playing on your own.  I’ll be in the section with the literary festival somewhere near the stage where you can hear Native American style flutes being played.

If you aren’t able to attend the festival, you can find my Kanteles and Native American style flutes in my WoodSong Woods Etsy store.