Rockler’s first store in Florida solves my equipment problem

Rockler Altamonte Spring, Florida
The instructional section of the store includes bleachers for demonstrations.

An unexpected problem with a piece of equipment led me to discover that Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has a new store in Altamonte Springs. Rockler’s first store in Florida.

I called ahead and had them holding the piece of equipment I needed. And since I was going, I checked my inventory to see what supplies and wood I might need.

Visiting a woodworking store is always a treat — and a new woodworking store has the extra intrigue of store layout and inventory.

The instructional area of the store includes bleachers that would enable more than 20 people to observe a demonstration.

Wood slice with heartwood and sapwood
This beautiful slice of butternut shows the heartwood and sapwood and has a wonderful grain.

As you’d expect in a woodworking store, a good inventory of different woods in all shapes and sizes for projects. I enjoyed checking out the wood that would be used to make flutes — butternut, walnut, maple.

A favorite piece of wood was a slice of butternut that shows the heartwood, the sapwood and the bark. Those who haven’t worked with wood but only have seen finished wood products often don’t realize that the interior of a tree is a range of colors and grains.

With the new piece of equipment, a beautiful plank of butternut destined to become flutes, and several just-what-I-needed items packed in the trunk, I was back on the road to return to my woodworking shop.

I’m working on a series of my WrenSong Flutes for the Leesburg Art Festival, March 12-13. My next post will provide more information about the festival and the hand-crafted wood items I’ll be selling.