Join me at SoMa Art Media Hub – Feb. 20, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Come join me at the SoMa Art Media Hub on Saturday, Feb. 20, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. where the Gainesville Arts Market will be taking place.

My WrenSong Woods booth (#19) will feature hand-crafted wood products to add to the function and look of  your cooking and entertaining.

I’m made gorgeous wood cutting boards, which can be used to chop veggies for a salad or stir fry or can become an elegantly natural server for cheese and fruit. I’ve made the cutting boards from hickory, walnut, pecan and maple.

I’ve also hand-carved spreading knives to add to the serving boards.


My hand-carved wooden spoons each start as a section of a tree branch — chestnut, cherry or magnolia.

I use freshly cut branches while the wood is still green and easier to shape. It’s quite the evolutionary process to go from a branch with bark to the finished spoon.

After I split the branch, I sketch on the branch the shape of the spoon that I envision. Then I use an ax to trim the branch half into the rough shape of the spoon.

Once I have the basic design, I use carving knives to shape the spoon, and I am always delighted in the shape and wood textures and colors that emerge.

The spoons can be great gifts — offering a distinctive and unique look for stirring a mug of coffee or tea.

More than 35 vendors will be participating in this months Arts Market located  at the SoMa Art Media Hub. The event also includes food trucks and music.

The SoMa Art Media Hub is located at 601 South Main Street in Gainesville.



  1. Thank you. The spoons are so enjoyable to make and use — the kitchen is getting filled with ones I can’t part with! I really like stirring my morning tea with a wood spoon. It is interesting how obnoxious the clink of silverware on the mug sounds after you have used a wood spoon for a while.

    You mention the bacteria — I have read studies that show how bacteria become trapped in the plastic and synthetic cutting boards but not in the wood. The studies were convincing enough that all my cutting boards are wood.

    I have a couple of spoons I have finished for you — one for stirring your tea! Thought you would enjoy having some made from dad’s favorite tree he grew. 🙂


  2. Your spoons are beautiful; wish I lived closer and could come see in person. I understand there are properties in wood that do not allow germs to live on it, the way it can on plastic or metal. We should be going back to more wooden utensils. I remember my mother and grandmother using them a lot, and of course they never leave a scratch.

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