Carve Wood Spoons: Peter Follansbee’s DVD

I wanted to learn to carve wood spoons.  Fortunately, the process of learning was made easier for me by the recent release of Peter Follansbee’s DVD on how to carve wood spoons.

how to carve wood spoonsI’ve now watched the entirety of Follansbee’s DVD a few times.

The first time, I learned a lot about how to hold the sharp carving knife and not slice my fingers.  In practice, one light slice is sufficient for quick learning and returning to the DVD — now how exactly did he manage that particular hold?

The second time I watched the DVD,  I admired the workshop he worked in. Lie-Nielsen’s.

On the third viewing, I noted the wonderful bird song that began each new section of the DVD.  This made me relax and enjoy my instruction — is that why I think this is a very well done DVD?  The conclusion? This is a great DVD for many reasons.

As someone who taught for years and helped other instructors plan digital teaching, I know how helpful and engaging digital, distance teaching can be when the lessons are planned in advance.  You would expect that all teaching is planned, right?  In this DVD, it is planned and that makes a huge difference. One I greatly appreciate.

The chapters in the video — thank you to the editor — are incredibly helpful.  There are some chapters that were advanced for me when I began, but now I want to jump right to them and watch closely.

Follansbee’s voice is clear and easy to listen to.  As well, the audio editing is excellent.  Why do I note this? Perhaps because I have watched one too many YouTube videos that show spoon carving accompanied by bad audio.

Follansbee’s pacing and voice make this learning experience enjoyable.  Follansbee doesn’t talk too fast; and thankfully, not too slow.  Never did I hold my breath waiting to hear what he might say next as he wielded the knife.  That’s a good thing.  You don’t want an instructional video to make you hold your breath — leave that for the horror movies.

I like the flexibility of the camera people.  They weren’t afraid to move in close when necessary  or change the angle of the shot or adjust the lighting to help me see the cuts, knife holds, and angles of the spoon fully.  These are telltale signs of quality video which leads to a more enjoyable learning experience.

When I had watched the entire DVD, I sat back and said, “Wow, that was really well done. The video folks were great and this guy is a great teacher.”

Admittedly, I researched Follansbee before I bought the DVD.  And decided I wanted to learn what he would teach. His work?  Impressive. Beautiful.  The art in his carving leads you to love wood more.

I now enjoy following Follansbee’s blog regularly. You may too.

Below is the Preview for the DVD.


  1. Yes, I have seen quite a few Welsh spoon carvings. They are more intricate than the Swedish style illustrated by Follansbee. The spoon shape is less complex on the handle — not necessarily easier to achieve– and the decor is chip carving.


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