Make playing music part of your 2016

Playing music can life your spirit year round. The A minor Native American-style flute plays well with the ukulele.

The holidays are a special time of year, and part of what makes the holidays special is the music.

Many people are listening to more music and playing and singing more during the holidays than the rest of the year.

Think of how music has added to your positive outlook and how playing music or singing has boosted your energy.

You can keep that going by deciding to play more music in 2016.

I’m not suggesting that you play holiday music throughout the year – although you could do that.

I’m suggesting that you play an instrument.

Make playing a fun activity – Place the flute in a location where it’s visible. That makes it easier to see the flute, pick it up and play it.

Make playing a regular activity – You don’t need to set aside time for practicing unless that works for you. You can simply play for a few minutes several times a week. Even in just playing for a few minutes on a regular basis, you’ll hear yourself improving. You’ll be better with the flute fingerings. Your breathing will improve.

Join a flute circle (or other music group) – Many communities have flute circle (or a ukulele group or a drum group) that meets once a month. You’ll meet others who are interested in playing music. You’ll learn some new songs and techniques. You’ll have fun.

I’d be glad to talk with you about purchasing one of my handmade Native American-style flutes or kanteles to add music to your life in 2016.


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