Free Christmas Music to play on Your Native American Style Flute

Ten Tunes for ChristmasMusic is a special part of the holiday season.

Just hearing the first few notes of “Silent Night” or “The Huron Carol “, and I’m feeling in the Christmas spirit.

contentsMusic provides the joy, festive spirit, and religious significance of this special time of year.

I’ve created a Christmas music book — “10 Tunes 4 Christmas to Play on your Native American Style Flute” — with the fingerings for the notes so you can readily play your own Christmas music on your Native American-style flute.

Click on this link (10tunes4Christmas) to download the PDF. You can view the pdf on your computer, tablet or phone, or you can print if you want the music book on paper.

Play and enjoy the special music of Christmas.


  1. Thank you so much. I will absolutely enjoy playing these on my Native American Flute. Christmas songs sound so lovely on the flute. Bless you at this holiday season. Peace … Rebeca


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