GLAM Craft Show on Dec. 6, 2015 – Join Us!

GLAM Craft Festival 2015Find unique handmade gifts for your holiday gift giving at the GLAM Craft Show on Sunday, Dec. 6.

Visit my display and try my handcrafted Native American-style flutes and 5-string wooden kanteles. Both instruments are easy to play and can add music to your holiday season — and beyond.

When you purchase a kantele, you receive a 35-page book to explain how to play it and different techniques.  When you purchase a flute, you receive a book that has “Ten Tunes” to play for Christmas on your flute.

Flutes getting ready for GLAM
Flutes getting ready for GLAM

My Native American-style flutes are tuned to different keys to provide you with the ability to play with other instruments like guitar or ukulele.  Or they sound great just on their own. In the photo (right) you can see several flutes being glued and getting ready for GLAM.  Come check them out.

The GLAM Craft Show will be held in downtown Gainesville — 625 SE 5th Avenue — in the Historic GRU Operations Warehouse. Admission into the show is free, due to GLAM’s partnership with the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency.

Make music part of your holiday season or give the gift of music with my WrenSong musical instruments.