Join me for Art Festival at Thornebrook, Oct. 10-11, 2015

A collection of some of my branch flutes made from dogwood, mulberry, and crepe myrtle.
I’ll be selling my handmade branch flutes, many made from tree branches from the Gainesville area.

Hope you’ll come by to see the display of my handmade musical instruments at the 31st Art Festival at Thornebrook, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 10-11, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can hear the instruments and try them yourself.

I’m very pleased to be joining 130 artists for this festival of juried work. My exhibit area is #49, (next to Malgorzata’s) near Thornebrook Gallery at the East Entrance into Thornebrook Village, 2441 NW 43rd Street, Gainesville, Florida.

My wood flutes and wood kanteles are easy to learn to play, offer a relaxing and uplifting musical experience and can be played solo, with a partner or in groups.

The instruments are concert-tuned and, depending on the key of flute, can be played with the guitar, ukulele, kantele, mountain dulcimer or autoharp.

walnut sopranino kantele
The wood kantele can be played solo or with other instruments.

Also for sale are my branch flutes — each one designed in tune with Nature (pun intended) — the individual shape and circumference of the branch.

The kantele is similar to the mountain dulcimer but easier to play. The kantele can be strummed or played with finger picking for a bright sound that can accompany singing or other instruments. It also makes a great personal meditation instrument.

The instruments include a music guide that will have you — or the person you purchase the instrument for — playing within minutes.

If you purchase a Native American style flute, you might want to join us at the Gainesville Flute Circle, held the last Monday of the month at the Millhopper Library at 7 p.m.