Flute Haven 2015 Concert on YouTube

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What fun we had at Flute Haven, performing a live performance on YouTube that you can watch. The concert runs for two hours with a variety of performances — flute solos, groups with flutes and other instruments, a back-to-back flute duet, flute playing with storytelling and poetry reading.

I was delighted to play a kantele and flute duet with Martha, with us playing instruments I made. Lynn and I played a duet with two of my low D flutes. How really rewarding to hear instruments I’ve made play so well.

Vera was the emcee for our concert, introducing each performance and talking about the activities at Flute Haven.

Hope you enjoy the concert!


  1. I like the haunting tone.


    1. Hopefully, it haunts in a way that makes you want a flute. 🙂


      1. I own too many instruments that I can’t play properly already!


      2. Ah, can one ever have too many musical instruments?


      3. Yes. I have more than I can play.


  2. martha markusen · · Reply

    I so enjoyed playing your flute with your Kantele!


    1. Martha, it was great fun playing kantele as you improvised on YOUR flute! :- )


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