Finding Wood: An annual trip to Phillmore’s

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An annual visit to one of my special wood stores provides the same enjoyment of the range of choices for me that my niece gets from a trip to her favorite candy store.

Spalted woods. Ambrosia maple. Walnut. Purple heart. Cherry. Wormy butternut.

These were just some of the tempting woods I saw when I visited Phillmore Enterprises.

Roy Phillips
Roy Phillips shows off a beautiful slice of spalted maple.

Each piece of wood presented opportunities for future musical instrument projects.

I finally decided on a beautiful board of wormy butternut — thinking of either unique kantele sound boards or distinctive Native American style flutes I’d be making.

A fun part of visiting Phillmore’s is getting a tour with owner Roy Phillips of the lumber barn. Roy is excited about wood like I am and always has some unique wood to show and share.

For this visit, he showed 20-foot slices of a spalted maple tree. One of the slices already had been selected to become a charcuterie board. The other slices were stacked in the barn, waiting to be discovered.

My trip to the wood store did cost more than my niece’s trip to the candy store. But no calories were gained — and the owners of the soon-to-be-made musical instruments will be savoring the wood for years to come.

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