Lake stones transform into colorful décor

birds painted on stones

dolphin painted on stoneI’ve been enjoying making stone art, using the stones from a lake’s beach.

The size and shape of each stone helps me decide what the stone will feature on its surface.

A round stone becomes a mandala. I may start with just one dot at the center and then build out and repeat patterns as I work toward the outside edge of the stone.

A triangle-shaped stone becomes an owl. Each owl develops its own personality with colors and eye expressions.

Small very thin stones transform into unique mandala necklaces.

stones on lake shore
Stones collected on the beach transform into festive artwork.

Larger stones become doorstops. Smaller stones become magnets or paperweights or fun décor for a coffee table or desk.

The colors and pens I happen to have with me when I start work on a stone help determine the look of the artwork. I don’t carry all my paints and pens with me at all times.  A pen with a thin point provides the tiny detailed lines on some of the mandalas.

My niece (who lives near the lake) has enjoyed painting stones with me. We talk about color choices and patterns.

Creating stone art is relaxing allowing one to  multitask – like participating in conversations.

Making a flute definitely is not a multitask kind of activity.  Sharp tools and often the noise of a lathe or chisel prevent conversation. A lack of attention can lead to a serious accident.

mandala painted on stoneWith stone art, the worst that can happen should attention stray is adding extra paint to my leg.

You can add to your refrigerator, coffee table or desk a brightly colored mandala or a stone version of a owl, dolphin or cat. Check out my many stone art options.  I’ll be adding some to my store and selling some at pop-ups throughout the summer.






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