Pecan Wood – one of my next projects

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On a recent trip through Georgia, I stopped at Ellis Brothers Pecans in Vienna, and purchased some pecan logs. I can’t wait to try them out. No, these aren’t the high-calorie candy pecan logs of pecans and caramel. These are the actual logs from pecan trees.

Ellis Brothers Pecans - pecan grove
I was able to pick out my logs from a selection in the storage shed.

The Ellis Brothers store is located on the edge of their pecan groves. The store is filled with all kinds of pecans — pecans you can shell yourself, bags of shelled pecans, and a wide variety of pecan candies (from milk-chocolate-covered pecans to pecan brittle). One of the treats of the store is that you can sample the nuts, which I did — deciding on a large bag of the Ellis pecans to add to salads and yogurt. Because I like the pecans, I thought I might like the pecan wood. One of the workers walked with me to a storage shed in the grove to let me pick out my pecan logs. I’m now deciding what these pecan logs will become — bowls, pendants? In a later post, I’ll let you see what I decide.


  1. Well, John, my experience with hickory makes me think I will need sharp tools indeed. Working with the nest/flue area with hand tools on hickory was a memorable experience. Thanks for the warning about the pecan!


  2. Pecan is a very beautiful close grained wood that is rather hard like hickory, buts works well with sharp tools.


  3. Well, I guess I’ll need to try a pecan flute. I take it you have made pecan flutes, John? Is the wood hard to work with around the nest?


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