Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain in Florida

uogbThe Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain is on tour in the United States in April.  They’re headed to Florida.

For many years, I have enjoyed what this group of musicians has done for the ukulele.   Particularly when I was first learning the ukulele, they were an inspiration.

For a few years, I made cigar box ukuleles before making Native American style flutes and kanteles. I would listen to the UOGB via YouTube videos while I worked on making the ukes.  But the videos on YouTube have been “curated” since 2008 and there are fewer available.  This reduced number of UOGB videos available might also be considered an encouragement for folks to purchase the group’s CDs.

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain was last in Florida in 2012.   After their performance, they had a reception where we could chat and get signatures which was great fun. They had not, while on their Florida tour, seen an alligator. Big oversight.

They signed my cigar box ukulele.   Since I don’t want those signatures to fade from strumming, that ukulele is really only a wall hanging now.  I wonder if the UOGB members will be available for signings after their performances in Florida.  Looks like they are playing in much larger venues than the last tour.

If you are able to attend one of their performances while they are in the United States, I highly recommend the experience.  If you play ukulele, take your uke with you to the performance to enhance the experience.

Even if you don’t play the ukulele, go see/hear them.  You’ll be amazed at what can be played on the ukulele.

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