Small Wood Doors Honor SIPA Board Members’ Service

SIPA wood doorI was glad my wood doors could be part of the celebration at the 90th Southern Interscholastic Press Association convention. Executive Director Karen Flowers was celebrating her final convention before retiring. The door was open for me to be there in spirit!

That’s a play on the word “door” !   I was commissioned by Karen to create symbolic cherry wood doors (small ones) for the SIPA board members to recognize their service.

Since I had served on the SIPA board, I was honored to be designing these unique gifts.

Karen and I had fun working out what the doors would be like for the SIPA board.

Although each and every door was unique, they all came from the trunk of a large cherry tree.

The first slice of the cherry wood. Click to see larger image.
The first slice of the cherry wood. Click to see larger image

In October 2014, I visited with Charles and Greg to have them cut wood for me on an incredibly large bandsaw.  At some point in the whole process, Charles asked me if I’d like some cherry wood.

All the wood loaded to be taken to my trunk. Wow, there was some beautiful wood!  Click to see larger image.
All the wood loaded to be taken to my trunk. Click for larger image.

As they sliced the bark from the cherry tree, I was dazzled by the beautiful wood.

I’ll be using this wood to make flutes.  And this is the wood that has been used to make the SIPA doors.

Doors that will sit on bookshelves, fireplace mantels or other special places to remind the SIPA board members of their valued service.

You can check out a few of the designs below.

I’m always pleased when my work can become a special part of people’s lives.

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  1. Thanks, Kay. Wood is just so beautiful. It’s great when it can become something that helps people look at it and savor its beauty. So to add symbolism is, well, the icing!


  2. How appropriate to show how SIPA opens doors and how doors are open and opening to those special people who have given so much as SIPA celebrates 90 years! These doors are beautiful–and you continue to share the beauty of wood ( and to save and savor pieces of it) in your creations.

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