Thank you for buying at Christmas Craft Festivals

Glam Craft Festival - jamming
Jamming at the Glam Craft Festival.

Thanks to those who came by my display at the Glam Craft Festival last Sunday and made a purchase!

I really enjoyed jamming with those who bought my handmade flutes or kanteles, as we tried out the instruments.

I hope the flute, kantele, candlestick or Faerie Door you purchased adds a bright note to your life or to the person who receives one of my wood creations as a holiday gift.

glamstartofshowThanks to Kim Kruse, organizer of the Glam Festival, for providing such a great opportunity for arts and crafters and for holiday shoppers.

If you missed GLAM and are in Gainesville, there’s still time to stock up for Christmas.  I’ll be at the Winter Gift Fair on Sunday, Dec. 14 or we can work out a quick delivery for you Gainesville folk if you purchase  flutes and kanteles or other handcrafted items through my online shop.