A flute to brighten any day

Yellow cedar flute, Am

One of the greatest joys of my new career as a musical instrument maker comes when I hear back from those who play one of my instruments.  Sometimes the feedback is immediate; sometimes I can see all the feedback I need in the face of someone who is playing one of my instruments.

Recently, I was delighted to hear from Celine.

I met Celine at Flute Haven 2014.  She borrowed a couple of flutes to test, and she put them through every test she could think of.

One of the flutes she carried around with her for a couple of days was one I had seriously thought of keeping for myself — although admittedly I do have that problem with a lot of flutes I make.  But this one is the only yellow cedar flute accented with red suede ties and pyrography patterns down the side.  I had made it distinctive, festive and bright thinking that whenever I would pick it up to play, it would brighten the day.

It is this flute that Celine bonded with. When I listen to her playing (and you can hear for yourself) this is indeed the flute that was meant for her.

Celine writes (and I post with her permission):

Hi Judy,

I just wanted to let you know how much I love the flutes I got from you. I know that you’ve heard your Em flutes played a lot at Flute Haven and I love mine. But lately, I’ve been falling in love with that sweet little Am flute I got from you (yellow dyed cedar with red leather ties on the block). I almost didn’t get it, and now I am growing to love it.

A short piece is attached – it’s with one of the Jam Tracks in Am – the flute simply knew what to play without me telling it!

Celine is playing with the jam track  “Oh Seven Oh Eight” by Peter Dubner found on Jam Tracks in Am.

Celine says she hasn’t been playing the flute for very long.  She only had one flute when she arrived at Flute Haven, and the first time she ever recorded anything to share was at Flute Haven, too.

I had hoped when I made the flute and painted it bright yellow, that it would brighten much.  It most certainly did brighten my day — in a way I could not have known.




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