We’re jamming at Flute Haven 2014

Group jamming at Flute Haven

Dawn, Dave, Randy, Lynn, Julie and Mary Ellen have a good time jamming.

Julie adding rhythm at Flute Haven

Julie steps it up with rhythm.

Flute Haven 2014 is in full swing in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

We’ve participated in flute circles, performed at local venues, and attended workshop sessions.

As an Invited Flutemaker, I’ve enjoyed talking with flute players about my WrenSong flutes and kanteles and having them try out (and purchase) my instruments.

It’s Friday night, and we’re jamming. We’re playing flutes and using a variety of rhythm accompaniments.

Flute Haven performers


  1. Jeanne Lyle · · Reply

    Hi, Judy! I got my new Kantele and ocarina home safely in my carry on. I found a nicely weighted plastic chopstick in my kitchen that gives a nice volume to the two chords I know so far. I got home without a hitch and it was easy to drop Nancy and Dave at Nancy’s airline and let them cope. I returned the car which was more expensive than airline tickets! I hope you have a safe trip and get all the wood you can use. Keep up the good work and learning! Peace, Jeanne


    1. Hi Jeanne,

      Glad the kantele traveled on the plane all right. I have been experimenting with pens (remember that’s what you used and it sounded great) and think I’ve developed a way to get a bit of weight on the ends of the chopsticks. Just finished pulling all the wood out of my car and preparing it for flutes and kantele sound boards. Thanks for all your help at Flute Haven. It was great to get together again! – Judy


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