Mulberry Native American Flute

Mulberry flute with purple & teal tapestry wrapMulberry is an interesting wood to work with.  Although it is quite hard, when it is kiln-dried it cuts, sands and cooperates well with my flute-maker’s intentions.

I just finished making 3-4 mulberry flutes. As often happens, when I play a new flute to test it out, I fall in love with its tone and want to keep it.

The mulberry has an interesting tone.  Mulberry flutes produce a softer tone than cherry wood flutes.   I have been playing cherry flutes a lot lately (for their bright, crisp tone) and that is perhaps, what allows me to appreciate the distinct tonal qualities of the mulberry wood.

You can hear the mulberry flute in the short sound file below. Played with a 5-string kantele tuned to D major, this A minor flute blends well.

If you listen carefully, you can also hear the wren singing in the background as I record this tune outside.


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