Cardinal Sins in Nest Building

cardinal nest with three eggsWhen I came home one day, the cat was winding her way on tiptoes through a complex maze of delicate branches in a bush. This was an unusual activity for cat.

The next day, we spotted the nest.  A lush nest made of Spanish moss. Wise decision because Spanish moss would be like a velvet couch.  But poor decision because the nest was in a well-traveled area and easily accessible by cat.

Thirdly, if there should be a “toad strangler” (Florida term for heavy downpour) then the water will gush off the roof and hit the bush right about the spot where the nest sits. Instant flush.

cardinal nest in bushI went to move the nest, to a higher, safer, nearby bush. But as I reached for it, I saw three eggs.  If I touch the nest, now that the eggs are in it, will the parents return? Not that it hasn’t already got cat-breath on it.

Not sure how to save the future cardinals.  If I build a shelter, I’m sure all the activity will scare away the egg-sitters.

Maybe it’s time to get some chicken wire, as both a friend and my sister have suggested it.

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