Beautiful Native American flute playing by Tricia

covered bridge & carriage Pennsylvania In October I visited Pennsylvania to deliver flutes and meet up with family.  We enjoyed seeing “Noah“.  And, we did  some Pennsylvania tourist things like find the covered bridge near Intercourse, PA.

We stayed at a great Bed & Breakfast place to meet up with some of my family.  Gail and Dave were great hosts.  It was Gail who said to me that she had a friend who might be very interested in my Native American style flutes.

The next day at breakfast I met Tricia. I only had two flutes remaining because I’d already delivered the bulk of the flutes I’d taken with me.

covered bridge, PASo Trish and I played duets with tone bars. By the end of our time, she was leaving with one of the beautiful Em flutes.

A week or so later, she emailed that she’d love to have music for hymns to play at church, so I sent her several different hymns that I had transcribed at an earlier time for flute and ukulele.  You can find that music here for Native American flute hymn finger tabs.  Trish played for her church.  She is a beautiful player, and I thought you would enjoy hearing her. I certainly did.

You can go to   and click on Nov. 3 – flute or, you can just listen via the player below.   She plays “Wayfaring Stranger”, “El Shaddai”, and “We Are One in the Spirit”.  Thank you, Tricia.  Keep blessing us with your playing!

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