Trillium kurabayashii in Florida? A sign for the New Year?

It’s December 30, 2013 — close enough to the New Year.  With a warm 70F today, we walked one of our favorite hammock hikes in Central Florida.  While there was lots of color in the hammock with lichen, red berries and the green covered ponds at this time of year, we were especially delighted to see a trillium. From what I can tell searching online, it is a rare trillium called a Trillium kurabayashii — usually seen on the West coast.  Or, it could also be a Trillium reliquum.

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Here are two images from Wikipedia below.  What do you think?

Trillium kurabayashii

Trillium kurabayashii (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Trillium reliquum, Georgia, USA

English: Trillium reliquum, Georgia, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  1. Based on the variegated leaves and proximity to Georgia I would say that it is likely the Trillium reliquum, Georgia, USA .


    1. Happy New Year, John. Yes, I think you have it. The leaves look more like the reliquum. Thanks.


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