Sandhill Cranes: Woodburning a Way to Remember

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Although the sandhill cranes have not yet migrated to Florida, every once in a while you see a solo bird who never flew back north with the others.  The solitary crane saunters on someone’s front lawn, or is standing forlornly alongside a highway.

platter with woodburned sandhill cranes

You won’t be surprised to learn, that I had to woodburn a tribute platter to the Sandhill cranes.  They are gorgeous creatures.

Cranes are social birds. When they migrate to Florida, they come in great hordes.  And that is how you’d see them on the prairie.  The cranes constantly chatter to each other and the sound is unrivaled by any aviary you might visit.

A year ago, a colleague and I pulled 77 of our hundreds of photos of cranes along with an audio file to help teach a workshop on how to use iMovie to make a slideshow.  The slideshow is about the tracking attempt of a whooping crane, a large white bird, while the large grey birds you see are the Sandhill Cranes.


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  1. I made a Native American Style Flute with a sandhill crane head and a feather. I tried to add some pictures but could not. If you would like to see the pictures please email me.


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