Finding “My Modern Met”: Flower Arrangements

My mother arranged dried flowers for many years.  As a teenager, I would watch her as she would arrange, rearrange, and then ask me what I thought.

At the time, I never knew what I thought.  I couldn’t see the difference between the flower in position A vs. position B. The arrangements were featured at women’s clubs and events and always the house was filled with lively arrangements.  She would change the arrangements in colors and size depending on seasonal events, inspiration and perhaps, the amount of time she had available to perfect her vision.

orange-petalsI imagine Emily Blincoe spent equal time arranging her photographs of  Colorful Floral Arrangements.

The images as patterns, colors and photographs are beautiful.

As floral arrangements, I believe my mother holds the winning petal.  But enjoy what “My Modern Met” offers and savor these images for yourself.