Ukulele & Flute Music

If you purchased a WrenSong Native American style flute  this pdf will get you started and tell you about the scale for your flute if you did not receive this information when you purchased your flute.

Music for Ukulele & Native American Flute

2013 Christmas Book CoverMusic for the Ukulele and Native American style flute can be found in the Christmas and Easter pdf books available year round.

Songs are written in the same style as the free pdfs below with chords for ukulele and finger tab for the flute.

If you have been visiting for the past 3 years, you will now find yourself here to download the free PDFs of music for the ukulele and Native American flute. Unless otherwise specified all songs are written for Ukulele tuned GCEA and six-hole A minor Native American style flute.

  1. God is Watching You (pdf)
  2. One Small Child (pdf)
  3. Higher Ground (pdf)
  4. How Great is Our God (pdf) – 1,523 plays as of May 2014
  5. Awesome God (pdf)
  6. El Shaddai (pdf)
  7. Jesus is the Answer (pdf) – 531 plays (May 2014)
  8. Kenny G: The Chanukah Song (pdf)

  9. Wings of a Dove (chords here)
  10. They’ll Know We are Christians (pdf)
  11. I am the Vine (pdf) for Ukulele GCEA and six-hole D minor Native American style flute. 608 (May, 2014)




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